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The Legacy Collection USB features the most popular and widely used 3D printable guns available on DEFCAD.   Does not ship to NJ, WA, or internationally.

USB includes the following:

  • Songbird
  • Liberator
  • Washbear

Support Creators directly or get access to all the files at DEFCAD.com

Does not ship to NJ, WA, or internationally.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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The Liberator

Creator | TexasRanger

Notes | This is the Liberator v1.1, an update to the Liberator v1.0. This new version also includes SLDPRT and STEP files in addition to STL files. There are also a few different barrels.

Features |

  • File conversion error with trigger spring fixed
  • Hammer pin added
  • New/updated barrels = .45ACP, .25ACP, .380
  • Filetype Conversion Notes
  • .380 barrel (threaded) – fixed messed-up corners
  • Frame – fixed messed-up corners, trigger cutout details
  • Barrel Lock – mass (density of print material) is off, will update
  • Grip Pin – changed length from 1.60 in to .875 in
  • Grip – import failed, remodelled from scratch
  • Hammer Body – re-added missing hammer hole, fixed broken extrusions
  • Spring – remodelled based on available designs
  • Trigger – fixed messed-up corners
  • Updated mass properties and checked geometry for most parts

More details.


Creator | JamesRPatrick

Notes | This is a single-shot, single-action 3d-printed pistol chambered in .22LR. It operates under a principle wherein the frame holds the barrel in compression axially and prevents the barrel layers from separating. This allows the barrel to be smaller in diameter than previous, unsupported designs. 100% printed barrels are not intended to have a long service life.

Features |  Details and notes available here.


Creator | JamesRPatrick

Notes | This is a 6-shot, double-action-only 3D-printed pistol chambered in .22LR. A roofing nail is used as the firing pin, and elastic bands are used as springs. Steel barrel or chamber liners are not required but will significantly extend the life of the cylinder. The cylinder version that accepts chamber inserts has a capacity of 8 rounds. When the trigger is at rest in the forward position, the cylinder is rotated such that the firing pin is not in line with any cartridge, making this firearm drop-safe. 100% printed barrels are not intended to have a long service life. Works best with subsonic ammunition.

Features | Details and notes available here.


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