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WHAT IS AN AR10 / LR 308?

An AR10 (also known as an AR-308) is one of the most versatile high powered rifles on the market, shooting the venerable .308/7.62x51mm round. It’s most commonly used for long-distance target shooting, hunting, and other precision rifle work. AR10 rifles are capable of shooting out to 700 yards and beyond which makes for a great sniper or hunting rifle. The AR-10 is also a great option for hunting due to its ability to take down nearly any commonly-hunted game in North America. It’s mostly used to hunt deer, elk, and pronghorn. Out in the desert, it makes a great coyote gun across wide-open distances.


An 80 percent lower receiver is not considered a firearm until the remaining 20% of the work is done by using one of our Easy Jigs. There is no need for an FFL, transfer fees, and or registration. They ship directly from our warehouse right to your doorstep!


Our lower receivers are precisely machined to exact mil-spect tolerances. We provide our customers with the best quality 80 lowers or ar10 lower receiver and ensure you get the best 80% lower receiver by implementing a multi-inspection process to ensure you get the highest quality .308 80 percent lower receiver for your quality build.

All AR10/.308 80% lowers below can be completed with our Multiplatform 80% lower jig


Our AR-10 lower receivers are made from high-quality 6061 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, coupled with a durable, rugged design. They are capable of withstanding the toughest environments, be it in the field or out on the range. There is a raw aluminum finish with a reinforced bullet design, increasing its toughness. These receivers also have a sizable heavy-duty trigger guard for safety purposes.

Our ar10 lower receiver for Sale does not require an FFL while purchasing. In addition, they are compatible with different magazines, such as the DPMS and SR-25 magazines.

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